Shark Side of the Moon (2022)

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Shark Side of the Moon (2022). Shark Side of the Moon: Directed by Glenn Campbell, Tammy Klein. With Maxi Witrak, Ego Mikitas, Michael Marcel, Sandi Todorovic. Decades ago, the USSR developed unkillable sharks and launched them to the moon. Today, a team of American astronauts will endure the fight of their lives.

“This was bad. When the synopsis popped up on my guide, I was excited by the prospect of seeing the best bad movie ever. It started out with a lot of promise – this one was going to give Sharknado a run for its money. By about halfway it had degenerated into Yongary bad. Itu0026#39;s not Ulli Lommel-level atrocious, but it did leave a pretty fantastic concept circling the drain. Itu0026#39;s a solid 2/10. I added a star because the idea was so awesome and it did start out with promise. I could have subtracted that star for being a disappointment, but it is better than that…”


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