Planning on Forever (TV Movie 2022)

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Planning on Forever (TV Movie 2022). Planning on Forever: Directed by Danny J. Boyle. With Jan Chadburn, Jocelyn Gauthier, Mia Theressa Harris, Cory Hawkes. Emma is an events planner who doesn't have time for love, until her sister reveals that her wedding is in six weeks. Emma agrees to step in and plan it herself with the help of Liam, who Emma had a disastrous blind date with years ago.

“The acting, the plot, the writing brought nothing new to the table. Very low energy and boring same old same old plot involving pre-wedding activities while falling back in love with your ex. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, including second chance at love for the widowed mother. I canu0026#39;t put my finger on it but the mother really annoyed me. Always hovering in the background with advice at the ready. Followed all the clichés to a u0026quot;Tu0026quot;.”


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