The Dunes (2021)

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The Dunes (2021). The Dunes: Directed by Martin Copping. With Tim Phillipps, Alexandra Davies, Rich Paul, Martin Copping. A renowned journalist from the LA Times, who returns to his hometown of The Dunes and while he's there, a mysterious figure from his past arises and threatens his entire existence.

“I liked it. The Dunes started out as a creepy mysterious drama which it did a good job at doing while also having really stunning camera shots. The Australian landscape was beautifully featured throughout. After a while the movie took a turn and went towards a psychological thriller type of mode. The characters had good depth and it made you feel an extra level of u0026quot;angstu0026quot; brought on by their relationships with each other. I think thatu0026#39;s why this worked for me. Worth a look!”


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