The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 (2022)

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The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 (2022). The Dead Girl in Apartment 03: Directed by Kurtis Spieler. With Bryan Manley Davis, Laura Dooling, Amy Holomakoff, Adrienne King. After finding her roommate dead under mysterious circumstances, a young woman is haunted inside her apartment.

“First I will say I am biased because a family member filmed this movie. Itu0026#39;s quite unfortunate that this movie is not there. The dialogue sounds like a bunch of npcu0026#39;s in a poorly made video game. The plot doesnu0026#39;t seem to fully be thought threw. I enjoyed watching this keeping in mind that it is a small company making it. But I canu0026#39;t get my mind off the fact that the audio is terrible. Another issue that presents itself is the fact that the actors are unfortunately terrible. Iu0026#39;ve seen college film finals with better acting in it. The characters donu0026#39;t match the vibe of the voice a bit. Not a single emotion is showed while the actors are talking. Unfortunate that this movie turned out this way because I know the people who made it. Another thing to add is that it is labeled as a horror movie yet in the first hour nothing scary happens that anyone who watches horror movies would call scary. The ghost showed itself a few times yet itu0026#39;s a little too predictable. Overall, this company has made better movies in the past, unfortunately this one is not any good.”


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