My Favorite Girlfriend (2022)

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My Favorite Girlfriend (2022). My Favorite Girlfriend: Directed by Amanda Raymond. With Bonnie Piesse, Tyler Johnson, Michael DiBacco, Ray Abruzzo. It tells the story of Conrad and how he meets the girl that's just right. She has multiple personalities including Vanessa, Sarah, Silk, and more.

“They were obviously going more for silly than realistic, but I found that approach in poor taste. One of the characters has a mental health condition, which is essentially the premise of the movie. It comes across to me as more sad than funny. When the character switches in and out of different personalities, itu0026#39;s jarring and feels like slapstick.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eSo yeah, if you want to watch a movie use a disturbing mental health problem for a few cringeworthy laughs then this is the movie for you.”


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