Her Obsession (2022)

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Her Obsession (2022). Her Obsession: Directed by Christie Will Wolf. With Aubree Bouché, Charlie Bewley, Karlee Eldridge, Tanya Christiansen. Pilates instructor Amélie Didot moves to a new city with hopes of starting fresh leaving her painful divorce behind. It's not long before her new studio begins to boom with business, as does a steamy love affair with successful British media mogul, journalist Pierce Dalton. Unbeknownst to Amélie, Pierce's last relationship was unrequited love; leaving his ex-girlfriend, Fran Gibbons, raging with hostility and jealously. Fran's obsessive behavior turns deadly in her quest to win Pierce back – putting Amélie, and anyone else in her path, at risk.

“Enough to keep you to the end and then you hate yourself for it. Love scenes with horrible music that canu0026#39;t end soon enough. Too many times you just say to yourself u0026quot;now why would you do that?u0026quot;. Acting not bad but the script is very corny and not plausible.”


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