Give Them Wings (2021)

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Give Them Wings (2021). Give Them Wings: Directed by Sean Cronin. With Daniel Watson, Toyah Willcox, Bill Fellows, Jacob Anderton. GIVE THEM WINGS is based on the heart rending true story of wheelchair bound Paul Hodgson.

“Absolute belter of a film … Very well acted by everyone as you can see they all put their heart and soul into this. The film itself was gritty and heart warming all at the same time and left you feeling good afterwards which is quite rare in films nowadays. I for one thoroughly enjoyed it and was proud to say I attended the first Darlington premiere and witnessed the first reaction of the audience which was brilliant.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis film deserves more awards and the director did the book and Paul Hodgson justice and I think this may go down as another British classic comedy drama.”


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