Shriekshow (2022)

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Shriekshow (2022). Shriekshow: Directed by Brad Twigg. With Tuesday Knight, Felissa Rose, Julie Anne Prescott, Beverly Randolph. Four friends travel to a supposedly haunted abandoned circus on Halloween and encounter a Ringmaster setting up a sideshow exhibit who proceeds to tell them three terrifying tales.

“Wooden acting performances, stereotypical characters, and bad editing make this a film that would be shown as an example of poor film making. This piece of drivel includes characters who have guns for no reason, that would be more at home in a failed TV pilot about mentally deficient police academy dropouts than in anything more intelligent. The director gives all his friends a part in a movie, and supplies them all with dialogue to highlight their lack of acting skills. It is one of those films that screams u0026quot;Hey! Letu0026#39;s go out and buy new clothes and get our hair done, and pretend we are 16 years old, and make a movie without a script!u0026quot; There are so many things wrong with this movie that a complete review would be longer than the actual film. I kept thinking this film would get better, but it got worse! . You would think that somewhere along the way one person… an actor, the director, the cameraman, or perhaps one of the liquor store employees would have trid to correct one small mistake, but there is no small mistake, as the entire movie is a mistake. The biggest mistake is the entire movie. Every so often you run ito a film that is a sleeper, but this thing should have been left in a coma! What a piece of crap! Donu0026#39;t waste time or 99 cents to see this. I felt like it needed something redeeming, and realized that burning the film in a campfire would have been more entertaining for me. In case you havenu0026#39;t caught my drift… run! Tell others to avoid it… it sucks the intellect right out of the viewer. u0026quot;One stupid thing after another!u0026quot; would have been a better title, or maybe u0026quot;My friends at the laundromat make a movie while waiting for the clothes to dry.”


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