As A Prelude to Fear (2022)

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As A Prelude to Fear (2022). As A Prelude to Fear: Directed by Steph Du Melo. With Francis Magee, Lara Lemon, Amelia Armande, Lucy Drive. When a young girl called Eve gets kidnapped and imprisoned in a dungeon-like basement, the police believe it is the work of the notorious Pied Piper.

“Martyn Wakefield for UK Horror u0026quot;Prelude to fear brings about true horror in a way like no other.u0026quot;…………nPhil Wheat for Nerdly u0026quot;A pretty impressive second filmu0026quot;………..nStephen Hutchinson for Tales of Terror u0026quot;I find the confinement exciting and evocativeu0026quot;…………nDaniel Simmonds for Rotting Zombie u0026quot;I find myself fully on board looking forward to how Prelude to fear would play outu0026quot;…………nMichael Talbot-Haynes for Filmthreat u0026quot;As a Prelude to Fear is a grim piece of work that takes some nasty turns down in the dark. The subject matter is taken seriously. It is well-paced and engaging, with twists that had me second-guessing throughout. The lighting and atmosphere are very well done, dredging the murk effectively. Du Melo also scored the picture with a tidy orchestra that nicely fits the cellist themes.u0026quot;………..”


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