The Eden Theory (2021)

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The Eden Theory (2021). The Eden Theory: Directed by Kyle Misak. With Carel Struycken, Larry Hankin, Jeffrey Weissman, Trevor Snarr. After his best friend disappears, Tom Edwards is investigated by a relentless detective as he tries to lead a normal summer. Tom fears facing the truth and struggles to cope with the loss of his friend as the world around him seems to fall apart.

“I have to agree with the other reviewer. The first 20 minutes sets you up for what you expect to be something. But itu0026#39;s pointless. This is like imagery, man. A struggle. A conflict. Is it real or hallucinated. A manu0026#39;s struggle against whom? Himself? Or against something else? Or does anyone actually care? I didnu0026#39;t. And it was totally predictable. And silly. Perhaps the limited dialogue also helps to pad running time and limit the need to actually act because itu0026#39;s just weirdness that doesnu0026#39;t make sense… until… you… put… the… pieces… together… oh… so…. easily…. Youu0026#39;ve seen it dozens of times before but each time, some writer thinks their story adds something special. This doesnu0026#39;t. Make sure you can fast forward.”


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