Block Party Juneteenth (2022)

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Block Party Juneteenth (2022). Block Party Juneteenth: Directed by Dawn Wilkinson. With Antoinette Robertson, Margaret Avery, Golden Brooks, Birgundi Baker. Recent Harvard grad Keke McQueen, 23, is eager to ditch her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan for her dream job in Atlanta, but when Keke discovers that her once super-sharp Grandma Janice is showing early signs of dementia, Keke puts her career at stake in order to save her Grandma's block party, and in the process, Keke falls back in love with her hometown and its people.

“Antoinette Robertson is star and the camera knows that as well! Margaret Avery, Charlene Yi and Fiason are scene stealers. The entire cast and crew should be very proud of the contribution theyu0026#39;ve made to a film that feels a good at the right time. Happy Juneteenth!!!”


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