The Rest I Make Up (2018)

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The Rest I Make Up (2018). The Rest I Make Up: Directed by Michelle Memran. With Maria Irene Fornes, Brooke Berman, Constance Congdon, Migdalia Cruz. Cuban-American playwright Maria Irene Fornes created astonishing worlds onstage. When she stops writing due to dementia, a friendship with a young writer reignites her visionary creative spirit, triggering a film collaboration that picks up where the pen left off.

“This documentary is about so many things–theatre, New York City, Cuba, friendship, aging, art–but it is really about LIFE. It is beautifully shot and edited and becomes a kind of visual poem, but without ever flagging or slowing down. Irene Fornes, the subject of the film, is endlessly entertaining and inspiring and painfully, beautifully human. I highly recommend you see this film if you get a chance!”


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