Satansbraten (1976)

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Satansbraten (1976). Satansbraten: Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. With Kurt Raab, Margit Carstensen, Helen Vita, Volker Spengler. A famous poet who hasn't written a word in two years unconsciously plagiarizes the work of Stefan George, while dealing with several mistresses, his dim-witted brother, and a murder investigation.

“If this film were made in English, I have no doubt it would be a cult classic. Fassbinder ups the comedic ante more-so than Iu0026#39;ve ever seen him do before. Granted itu0026#39;s still black humour, but its his own blend of slapstick and dark comedy. Picture a. theater of the absurd, almost put forth as a farce, but with Fassbinderu0026#39;s usual biting sarcasm and cynicism, and ultimately leading to an eruption of statements about the psychological limitations of admiration and desire. A familiar theme in Fassbinderu0026#39;s work. In fact, the whole movie plays like a joy ride through professional and relative oblivion, only the characters and the actors seem to be enjoying themselves throughout countless identity crisis, dead flies posing as relatives, simulated sexual murder and what-not. Heh.”


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