Irlannin poika (2006)

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Irlannin poika (2006). Irlannin poika: Directed by John Eyres. With Dudley Sutton, Tom Georgeson, Anna Friel, Tallulah Pitt-Brown. Upon discovering that their town is up for sale, crafty Irish villagers scheme to raise the money to prevent the buy-out. They hold a poetry contest with a tempting grand prize — the deed to their local pub. But what could happen when a duplicitous American rapper emerges as the best poet around?

“Donu0026#39;t know where this little gem came from, or if it ever appeared in any theater, but it tops most of what comes out of Hollywood these days. Itu0026#39;s funny, touching, and a sensory feast for the eyes and ears. If you like anything about Ireland, youu0026#39;ll likely enjoy this movie. All of the performances are excellent. Be warned that is does deserve its PG-13 rating, so it may not be family-friendly for all. Itu0026#39;s unfortunate that movies like this donu0026#39;t have enough pull to find a profitable audience, but I suppose thatu0026#39;s where Blockbuster and the like can have an impact. Itu0026#39;s a bit strange that the overall user rating on IMDb is rather low, but most of the reviews are favorable. In this instance, I think the reviews tell the real story. Give this one a try and judge for yourself.”


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