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Calmos (1976). Calmos: Directed by Bertrand Blier. With Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean Rochefort, Bernard Blier, Brigitte Fossey. Two men flee to the countryside to escape their sexual duties and settle for a quiet, rustic life.

“I saw this movie a long time ago when it was billed as u0026quot;Femmes Fatalesu0026quot;. I remember it as one of the most bizarrely amusing films Iu0026#39;ve ever seen. While perhaps not as sophisticated as Blieru0026#39;s later efforts, as I remember, it had a crude power and was a scathing look at male/female relations: a kind of cinematic exploration of the male id done with great honesty and comic bravura. I wish I could see it again…but Iu0026#39;ve never seen it offerred anywhere. It doesnu0026#39;t seem to be on VHS or DVD. If anyone knows where to get it I wish theyu0026#39;d post it here.”


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