Trevor: The Musical (2022)

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Trevor: The Musical (2022). Trevor: The Musical: Directed by Robin Abrams, Marc Bruni. With Holden Hagelberger, Aaron Alcaraz, Sammy Dell, Diego Lucano. When an incident at school suddenly puts Trevor in the wrong spotlight, he struggles to navigate his own identity and determine how he fits in a challenging world.

“Alright, as a gay male I am so sick of this ridiculous over the top portrayal of most gay men. With the huge drama moves and limp wrist of course. COMPLETELY stereotypical and ridiculous, I mean arenu0026#39;t most gays trying to combat being stereotyped, so why allow it to happen in movies portraying us? Storyline was SO predictable, the acting FAR too over the top and lazy. Itu0026#39;s insulting to think that in 2022 this is what passes as u0026quot;entertainmentu0026quot; and itu0026#39;s also insulting to think that any gay person would find this entertaining or appropriate. Garbage to the extreme.”


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