Crimes of the Future (2022)

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Crimes of the Future (2022). Crimes of the Future: Directed by David Cronenberg. With Sozos Sotiris, Lihi Kornowski, Scott Speedman, Viggo Mortensen. Humans adapt to a synthetic environment, with new transformations and mutations. With his partner Caprice, Saul Tenser, celebrity performance artist, publicly showcases the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde performances.

“As another 21st century art object, not a u0026quot;movieu0026quot; which is an early 20th century concept, this delivers everything the brand name (David Cronenberg) promises. Plus itu0026#39;s pretty high-brow. Superior production values but I really think itu0026#39;a more of a moving painting. When everyone has 4K video projection it could play silently on a wall, slowly changing from pale, wan faces to exotic biomorphics to visceral, pulsating fantasias. If you want date night (unless your date is Amy Taubin) forget it.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI just remembered what this kinda, sorta reminded me of. Quintet, Robert Altmanu0026#39;s arty, dystopic from 1979. That wintry society was pre-occupied with the stylized rituals of the titular board game. And everyone was cloaked and draped against the cold with hats and hoods. Similar end-of-world feel.”


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