Here Kills the Bride (2022)

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Here Kills the Bride (2022). Here Kills the Bride: Directed by Michael Feifer. With Ashlee Füss, Erin Pineda, Fernando Belo, Bertila Damas. It follows Carlos's sister as she finds out that he is getting married in a week to Grace, a girl he just met in a strip club. His sister investigates and gets pulled into a whirlwind of events, putting her own life at risk.

“Donu0026#39;t get me wrong I love a good cheesy lifetime movie with a little bad acting but this movie was just bad. First off the characters were overly polite to each other. Whoever wrote the script it was almost like they had no idea what to make these characters say and do. They were always saying thank you and being appreciative towards each other. Constantly bringing up things that were not relevant at all. Even the psycho bride was overly nice it was just odd I donu0026#39;t know how to explain it. The ending was VERY weird the whole movie was just bad donu0026#39;t recommend it.”


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