Quickening (2021)

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Quickening (2021). Quickening: Directed by Haya Waseem. With Arooj Azeem, Ashir Azeem, Bushra Ashir Azeem, Quinn Underwood. A young Pakisnati-born young woman navigates her coming-of-age story while being a new comer to Canada.

“Viewed a digital copy from home during Tiff. My wife and i are checking out one movie each day of the festival. This was my favorite so far. The first thing that got to me was the score. Really great music, just enhanced every scene. Second thing that got to me was the cinematography; above average, just loved the rich colors and composition of every shot. Third thing that got to me was the emotional power of the climactic scene, really drew me in and made me feel every emotion along with the characters. Everyone involved should be really proud of making this outstanding film.”


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