Rumspringa (2022)

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Rumspringa (2022). Rumspringa: Directed by Mira Thiel. With Timur Bartels, Matthias Bundschuh, João Kreth d'Orey, Gizem Emre. A young Amish man travels to Berlin on a rite of passage to connect with his roots, explore other ways of life, fall in love — and face a big decision.

“No not the Weird Al one – actually none if you think about the rules and restrictions. Now before you get defensive or offensive about those things: remember every religion has a lot of rules and regulations – if you were to follow all of them … well letu0026#39;s say life would be quite different than what you may experience right now. On the other hand there are states/countries who either already have religion dictate everyday life or are about to impose laws who will do just that.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBut letu0026#39;s not go down that road – this is overall a light comedy and you should not make too much of those things. It is about a naive young Amish boy, who is also innocent and easy to manipulate some might say. The road he is taking may not be full of surprises but it is an entertaining one – and one where the viewer and the audience overall can have fun watching the journey of those involved.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAgain do not expect too much from this – it is a decent comedy, nothing more but also nothing less.”


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