Top Gunner: Danger Zone (2022)

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Top Gunner: Danger Zone (2022). Top Gunner: Danger Zone: Directed by Glenn Miller. With Michael Broderick, Gina Daidone, Alex Herrald, Edwin Modlin II. US fighter jets are attacked by a squadron of mysterious warplanes and a deadly battle ensues, threatening life above and below.

“If you saw this u0026quot;Top Gunner: Danger Zone,u0026quot; and thought for one second that it was u0026quot;Top Gun: Maverick,u0026quot; then you are pretty gullible and will actually really enjoy the blatant military recruitment film u0026quot;Top Gun: Maverick.u0026quot;nAs for me I preferred this to u0026quot;Top Gun: Maverick.u0026quot;nIncredibly low budget, terrible dialogue, wooden acting, stock aircraft footage that alternates aircraft types without a care for continuity. There were only 4 or 5 sets, 7 actors and 10-12 extras. Roll a spliff, get the popcorn, sit back and laugh, without leaving the comfort of the couch.”


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