Neurotic Beauty (2022)

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Neurotic Beauty (2022). Neurotic Beauty: Directed by Raenell Jones. With Qua Black, Aly Etienne, Isaac Gracia, Travis Hinson. Stuck is how Imari Jacobs views his mundane marriage with Adea. With no spontaneity in their relationship, Imari questions if he can continue in the marriage. Imari recommends marriage counseling, but Adea believes they will overcome this hurdle with more effort, just like her parents. Imari finds excitement when he meets Phoebe, a breathtaking supermodel. From that moment, her beauty bewitches Imari. A few conversations with Phoebe and Imari leaves his marriage for what he believes to be the woman of his dreams. Imari comes to find out being with Phoebe is a living nightmare. Phoebe's previous relationships resulted in dead husbands and boyfriends. Her history raises a red flag to Adea and Imari's friends. Yet, Imari is truly awestruck by Phoebe that he refuses to listen, and believes their hatred for Phoebe is because of jealousy. In time, Imari learns the hard way that his infatuation with Phoebe may be deadly.



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