On the Count of Three (2021)

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On the Count of Three (2021). On the Count of Three: Directed by Jerrod Carmichael. With Jerrod Carmichael, Christopher Abbott, Tiffany Haddish, Lavell Crawford. Jerrod Carmichael makes his directorial debut and stars in On the Count of Three, a darkly comic feature about two best friends, Val (Carmichael) and Kevin (Christopher Abbott), on the last day of their lives.

“Two guns. Two best friends. And a pact to end their lives when the day is done. One the Count of Three is todayu0026#39;s crowd-pleaser, but on a different note. The parallels between this and I Donu0026#39;t Feel At This Home in This World Anymore feel all too real, especially since that one won the dramatic competition a couple years ago. The seriousness of suicide juxtaposed to the comedic best friends works perfectly. Christopher Abbott and Jerrod Carmichael have wonderful chemistry together. The casting is great. The script covers many topics, suicide being the main one, in a manner that lingers in your thoughts. For example, the last shot spoke so much without saying anything. For a directorial debut, Jarrod Carmichael did fantastic. I love actor-directors because they understand both sides, itu0026#39;s just the execution that is the question when going it. But thereu0026#39;s no trouble directing here. Along the way, thereu0026#39;s a few spots that slow down and didnu0026#39;t exactly work, but it still manages to work well in the end. By the way, the third act is done so well and one to think about. Moments throughout of the beauty of life and friendship made me like it more and more. I believe this will either win dramatic jury prize, audience dramatic, or maybe even both. One of the best Sundance has given us so far!”


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