The Devil's Tail (2021)

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The Devil's Tail (2021). The Devil's Tail: Directed by Nicole Goode, Carlota Pereda, Taz Pereyra, Erica Scoggins, Samantha Timms, Laurel Vail. With Flor Antonucci, Magui Bravi, Elisabet Casanovas, Bruno Giacobbe. A young nurse begins her shift at an old city hospital. After a strange apparition, one of the oldest nurses tells her that a patient, Mr. Moore, entered the hospital a few years ago, with his body completely burned after a fire. Mr. Moore was operated on urgently by the doctors, but no one wanted to assist him. The pain and drugs had driven him mad – One night one of the nurses went to his room but his bed was empty. Nothing was heard from him anymore. A bell interrupts the story. The call comes from Mr. Moore's room.

“This movie starts off confusing the viewer by showing a scene from and old man in a train station who are suffering from evil flashbacks, then jumps to a scene with a girl working in a hospital,then jumps to a scene with 3 girls on a road trip. And this all happens in the first 8 minutes of the movie ,and EXTREMELY bad acting. Turned off the movie already knew that this movie is going to be a total mess. Donu0026#39;t waste your time.”


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