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7 Days (2021). 7 Days: Directed by Roshan Sethi. With Gita Reddy, Zenobia Shroff, Karan Soni, Geraldine Viswanathan. As if their pre-arranged date, organized by their traditional Indian parents, wasn't uncomfortable enough, Ravi and Rita are forced to shelter in place together as COVID-19's reach intensifies.

“(IMDb Top Reviewer). There is a scene here where the very neurotic boy tries to explain cooking to the very cool and self-possessed girl. u0026quot;My mother tried to show me and it didnu0026#39;t work,u0026quot; she warns. Rom-coms themselves are also just a recipe. You need chemistry between the leads. And a knife-sharp script. Here, writer/director Roshan Sethi delivers both. On a budget. Not too shabby.”


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