Bang-ja jeon (2010)

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Bang-ja jeon: Directed by Dae-woo Kim. With Ju-hyuk Kim, Ryoo Seung-bum, Yeo-jeong Cho, Hyeon-kyeong Ryu. A servant falls in love with a girl whom his master also desires. Although the girl loves the servant, she also longs to improve her station in life.

“Last year I was incredibly fortunate to see this adorable movie when it premiered at The Korean Film Festival in Auckland. It was showing at The Academy, which is an informal art-house cinema in the basement of The Public Library. I was the only non-Asian person there too. For a u0026quot;Frock Movieu0026quot; fan like myself this was the most wonderful experience. The lush locations, hyper-color cinematography, the superb costumes and beautiful set dressing alone, make it a must-see. The surprising thing about the story, is that it is a comedy. I might not have realised this watching it with just English sub titles. The audience at the festival were laughing a lot. It appears it is a spoof of a traditional story which everyone knows. The script is very tongue in cheek and a bit anarchic. Think u0026#39;Blackadderu0026quot; view of historical events as a comparison. I wish this genre of films were more easily viewed. I am back in Cornwall now and there is no way I would have seen it here.”


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