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X (2022). X: Directed by Ti West. With Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow, Kid Cudi. In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them in the act, the cast find themselves fighting for their lives.

“A very stylish rendition of original porn leading to some brilliant horror set in 1979 that is well written and fun to watch! X is surprising in all the right ways and very weird reminds me of M. Nights The Visit just more extreme. I was surprised to see Sam Levinsonu0026#39;s name in the credits I love him and his projects! Ti West created something special, Iu0026#39;ve seen a couple of his films he seems to gear towards disturbed older folks which is quite effective.”


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