Jessie and the Elf Boy (2022)

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Jessie and the Elf Boy (2022). Jessie and the Elf Boy: Directed by Philip Todd. With Julia Brown, Huck Whittle, Gail Watson, Belle Jones. Follows Jessie, a teenager who wants to become a renowned hair stylist, and meets Ghillie Dhu, a forest elf who has a gift for hair styling, and they strike up a unique partnership which catapults Jessie to fame.

“There is something about Disney movies these days which leaves me feeling dissatisfied. They seem to have lost an essence of innocence and care-free nature that I so enjoyed as a child. For me, this film recaptures that spirit – it is by no means perfect (difficult to do without the extraordinary budget of Hollywood films), but it is a wholesome movie with a heart and soul.”


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