Hunting Souls (2022)

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Hunting Souls (2022). Hunting Souls: Directed by Diego Silva Acevedo. With Sunny Mabrey, Aiden Turner, Chloe Garcia-Frizzi, Adelle Drahos. Hunting Souls is the story of an American couple who are dealing with the hardships of caring for their sick child. They discover that they are being hunted by a demon.

“I watched this on a streaming platform nearly a week ago. Very eerie as horror movies should be. The acting was good enough by aal but the lady from social services. But it seemed to be pre-edit copy, meant to be viewed by the producers for editing suggestions. The couple, although played very well by these well-seasoned actors, seemed to had multi-personalities. And, like so many horror, sci-fi u0026amp; thriller movies, the couple doesnu0026#39;t communicate, but these people took that to extreme, not sharing with each other even after witnessing the spookiest experiences u0026amp; sightings, things that real people would evacuate the premises, at least for the night for. I feel sorry for the little girls who play Sophie, this being the debut for one of them, who performed their scenes as their role demanded. I sincerely hope the copy I saw was a rough draft, u0026amp; the final story was evened out.”


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