Jurassic Island (2022)

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Jurassic Island (2022). Jurassic Island: Directed by Dominic Ellis. With Sarah T. Cohen, Nicola Wright, Kate Sandison, Tom Taplin. A group of explorers find themselves on an unknown Island surrounded by "extinct animals".

“This movie is a silly combination of other movies, with every scene a cliché. My impression: a middle schooler gave the story to their parent, a wealthy producer, with the kidu0026#39;s friends directing, editing, and producing the audio and cgi. Iu0026#39;m giving it some points for scenery and camerawork, but the points deducted for noticable mistakes are too many to list. Also minus a point for mixing zombies with dinosaurs, its only distinguishing feature and not a good- or original- idea. In fact, this would be a good one for a film studies class since itu0026#39;s densely packed with things a filmmaker should avoid.”


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