Cold Wind Blowing (2022)

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Cold Wind Blowing (2022). Cold Wind Blowing: Directed by Dionne Copland. With Larry Fessenden, Nalani Wakita, M.J. Kehler, Griffin Cork. When a group of young friends take a trip to a remote mountain to get away from their families for Christmas, their stress-free getaway turns into a nightmare. Trapped in a cabin by a supernatural creature, their fight for survival puts their fracturing relationships to the test as it becomes increasingly clear that all of them won't be surviving the holidays.

“This film is hilarious. I laughed from the opening credits to the forced laughter in the store when the thre girls buy a packet of crisps each.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAbsolutely awful acting if thatu0026#39;s what you can call it. Zero atmosphere and a story that has been done a million times before. This has to be a complete rip off of Cold Prey 2006 Norwegian movie. That was dire as well however this is worse.”


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