Krass Klassenfahrt – Der Kinofilm (2021)

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Krass Klassenfahrt – Der Kinofilm (2021). Krass Klassenfahrt – Der Kinofilm: Directed by Felix Charin. With Sydney Amoo, Jamie Birrell, Dela Dabulamanzi, Zejhun Demirov.

“I really wanted to like it, the trailer looked promising. The production value is great, but that it where anything positive that could be said about this movie stops. The story is not just predictable, it has been told way too many times. The jokes donu0026#39;t hit, mostly because the actors canu0026#39;t deliver them. The roles are all complete linear and typical. There is practically no depth to the movie or the rolls. Sorry, but I have to give this the worst rating I have ever given a movie.”


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