Operation Overlord (2021)

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Operation Overlord (2021). Operation Overlord: Directed by Brett Bentman. With Thom Hallum, Billy Blair, Stacey A Sheffield, Tom Zembrod. A week before storming the beaches of Normandy, two US Soldiers infiltrate an abandoned complex to rescue a prisoner of war from the clutches of the Nazi regime.

“You ever hear that expression they donu0026#39;t make them like they used to? Its an expression usually reserved for some of the most cherished classics that were allowed to be dangerous or fresh or unique and to thrive. But among all those classics were bundles upon bundles of some of the worst kinds of movie that were as bad as they could be either due to a lack of technical means at the time or just severe lack of talent. Whatever the reason is behind operation overlord and its dumpster fire that never goes quite out may remain a mystery lost to time as it should as the movie itself will be. I am mystified by the very audacity of the film makers to create this and put it out into the world and think to themselves that anybody should be subjected to that. Shame on them for doing so. Oh well. They just donu0026#39;t make them like they used to and this movie proves that to not necessarily be a bad thing.”


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