Der Wolf und der Löwe (2021)

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Der Wolf und der Löwe (2021). Der Wolf und der Löwe: Directed by Gilles de Maistre. With Molly Kunz, Graham Greene, Charlie Carrick, Derek Johns. A wolf pup and a lost lion cub are rescued by a girl in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Their friendship will change their lives forever.

“This is a family film for animal lovers who want nothing but good things to be shown on screen. The lovable pups playing together as they grow up and interacting with this young woman who also introduces them into classical music that she performs on the piano. Itu0026#39;s all a wonderful setting on a small island property that she has inherited, enabling the unlikely coming together of these creatures and her desire to keep them safe and away from the grasp people wanting to exploit them. You must suspend all thoughts of time passage and quick changes in location and just allow all the heart-warming scenes to just wash over you.”


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