Hellblazers (2022)

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Hellblazers (2022). Hellblazers: Directed by Justin Lee. With Adrienne Barbeau, Greg Beaton, Crash Buist, Trevor Ossian Cameron. Set in the late 1980s, a satanic cult has a singular focus of unleashing hell on Earth. With the help of an ancient incantation, they conjure a demon, and its members are tasked with feeding it the populous of a nearby small southwestern town.

“Great cast! A little bit from this movie, another bit from that one, and on and on. I found it entertaining and fun. Not the movie for someone looking for a masterpiece. Couldnu0026#39;t believe someoneu0026#39;s dumb review, what no sense of humor? I started laughing for the very beginning. Sure beats those horror movies that are just a copy of a few hundred before. I wrote the name down, so I can watch it again. Billy Zane, Tony Todd, Bruce Dernu0026#39;s explanation of what he saw, LOL.”


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