The Ventures: Stars on Guitars (2020)

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The Ventures: Stars on Guitars (2020). The Ventures: Stars on Guitars: Directed by Staci Layne Wilson. With Eric Roberts, Billy Bob Thornton, Jimmy Page, Lalo Schifrin. Documentary film on the #1 instrumental rock group in the world, The Ventures. The story of their rise to fame in the 1960s right up to now, as they celebrate their 60th anniversary of playing the best guitar-rock of all time.

“Well-done musical documentary, very entertaining as well as educational. Loved Billy Bob Thorntonu0026#39;s take on things as well as many notable rock stars. You donu0026#39;t have to particularly be a Ventures fan to enjoy this film–although you might be surprised how many of your favorites where actually done by them. Highly recommended!”


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