Romancing the Birthday Girl (2021)

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Romancing the Birthday Girl (2021). Romancing the Birthday Girl: Directed by Christie Will Wolf. With Emilie Ullerup, Clayton James, Daphne Hoskins, Teagan Vincze. Follows Taylor, who opens a time capsule left by her deceased mother, which contains six envelopes, this will give her the push she needs in life and to help open her mind, and heart, to the possibility of love.

“Okay, I will preface this by saying I like Emilie Ullerup, but two things…30 years old?! She is much closer to 40. Sheu0026#39;s beautiful and lovely, but lets be real here. It was too much of a reach. And second, the dark streaky roots aged her even more and distracted the ever living heck outta me. This trend needs to go away. It was a cute story although over acted several times. I adore Hallmark and use it for escaping these unprecedented trying times. However….those roots gave ME anxiety! Overall not a rewatch. Hoping this year and the movies, get better.”


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