Fatal Memory (2022)

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Fatal Memory (2022). Fatal Memory: Directed by Gigi Gaston. With Kate Watson, Anna Marie Dobbins, Houston Rhines, Emary Simon. After a violent car accident robs Grace of her memory, a handsome stranger enters her life, insisting that they are lovers. As her memory returns bit by bit, the stranger’s story begins to unravel. Grace is forced to fill in the gaps and uncover the truth, suddenly fearing for her life.

“Grace has a car accident, comes out of a month-long coma, and canu0026#39;t remember the last 5 years. But thatu0026#39;s only the beginning of her troubles and some of her family tries to help her recover but not all. Why not everyone? Tune in to find out. Kate Watson did a great job as Grace! Definitely recommended!”


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