More Than I Wished For (2021)

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More Than I Wished For (2021). More Than I Wished For: Directed by Ryan Little. With Amanda Payton, Adam Gregory, Marie Osmond, Sarah Jayne Jensen. Perpetually single Sawyer makes a fake wedding registry to burn off some Christmas loneliness. Her friends find it and think she’s become secretly engaged. Too embarrassed to tell the truth, she instead finds a “fiancé” for the holidays.

“Ok, we all know they pick the bottom of the class at Acting 101. But do they even bother themselves to match actors that have ANY chemistry together, whatsoever!? The female lead is annoying and bratty. The male lead is obviously better paired with Peter than Mary. (A quick glance at his page indicates heu0026#39;s married to man, no surprise there!) And thatu0026#39;s ok but heu0026#39;s no NPH. This guy canu0026#39;t really act straight much. His hair color changes between scenes, from passable dark brown to atrocious shoe-polish black! And all he does is flash that annoying chicklet row of gum he passes as a smile, at the most inopportune of times.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBut the worst is yet to come in the most annoying character yet: Marie Osmond, seriously?? Please! Was she in bad need of $475 a week? Cos you know thatu0026#39;s all LifeTime must pay these talentless hacks that pass as actors. None of the leads have any noticeable screen presence. It seems Iu0026#39;ve watched everything there is to watch at every channel Iu0026#39;ve flipped through so the only fun thing to do here is leave a piece of my mind here and see how many agree that LifeTime movies suck and not just because of the bottom of the barrel production values, but because they keep hiring ill-matched personalities that should never attempt to act together, or whatever it is that they do cos hardly anyone can act in these Acting 101 productions starring u0026quot;basement racku0026quot; non-actors. And that goes for Marie and her annoying teeth too! 2 stars for the female lead: although she plays it annoying, she has potential and is pretty. Hope they match her better next time and the dude can himself star in a Broke LifeTimeu0026#39;s Back mountain movie where he will be better suited for.”


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