Castle Falls (2021)

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Castle Falls (2021). Castle Falls: Directed by Dolph Lundgren. With Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Jim E. Chandler, Kim DeLonghi. Rival gangs seek out millions of dollars hidden inside a luxury condominium that’s scheduled to be demolished, but first they have to deal with the janitor who found the loot first.

“Castle Falls is tightly scripted and efficiently directed film features Adkins and Dolph Lundgren. It is impressive to see these two martial arts action legends work together and play off of each otheru0026#39;s strengths and both give strong performances. As for the action; the film does not disappoint it has well choreographed impressive fight scenes. It delivers solid entertainment, thrilling action, some nail-biting tension broken up with some comic moments. Castle Falls wonu0026#39;t please everyone as some will surely complain that it is slow at first but I feel that it was needed to set up the actions of the characters and make the audience care for the outcome. This is a smaller budgeted affair so donu0026#39;t go in expecting huge action set pieces.”


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