Deadlock (2021)

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Deadlock (2021). Deadlock: Directed by Jared Cohn. With Patrick Muldoon, Bruce Willis, Matthew Marsden, Michael DeVorzon. An ex-military man working at a Georgia power plant has to spring into action to prevent disaster when a group of rogue soldiers gain control of the plant and take the employees hostage.

“Director/Writer/Actor/Producer Casper Andreas (Flatbush Luck, 2016) continues to provide the LGBTQ community with an array of films. Here, u0026quot;Kiss Me, Kill Meu0026quot; stars Gale Harold (Queer as Folk) as a horn-dog reality TV guru whou0026#39;s found dead after his latest lover Van Hansis (As the World Turns 2005-2010) threatens him, then blacks out. As with many of Andreasu0026#39; films, he once again wears of too many hats and u0026quot;toss everything at the storyline hoping something good will happen,u0026quot; and it doesnu0026#39;t! As a gay filmmaker, and actor in general, Andreas should know that the viewing audience (gay or straight) deserves more than the typical bitchy drag queen, bitter lesbians, corny murder suspect, over acting, the occasional shirtless guy and/or familiar gay male personalities (Jai Rodriquez – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy 2003- 2007), and a cheesy storyline. Sharing the blame here is the equally weak writing of David Michael Barrett (Such Good People 2014), who provides all the actors with little to work with and nothing to ground there characters in. Andreas can make a film, heu0026#39;s proving that. What he needs to make is films more widely appreciated is to surround himself with less u0026quot;Yesu0026quot; people and more creative types who will help him step away from his projects and look at the bigger picture. It u0026quot;Killedu0026quot; me to sit through the whole film.”


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