Hauskaa joukolla (2021)

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Hauskaa joukolla (2021). Hauskaa joukolla: Directed by Paco Caballero. With Ernesto Alterio, Raúl Arévalo, Luis Callejo, Anna Castillo. A diverse group of people share a night of sexual self-discovery.

“The more the merrier or… where two meet .. in spanish. Club Paradiso in spain, where you leave your feelings behind, according to their slogan. Itu0026#39;s all about pleasure. A swingers club! And apparently, this lady who is to be married was here last night, and lost her engagement ring. So itu0026#39;s a treasure hunt to try and find it. One guy in a suit and tie says he doesnu0026#39;t want to be here, but he never seems to leave. Itu0026#39;s a nutty night, and thereu0026#39;s no real plot. Kind of like the ritz… its a night out at the sex club. A whole lot of boobs. Doesnu0026#39;t seem to be rated, since itu0026#39;s on netflix. Kissing and simulated sex. But about halfway through, everyone starts talking. And discussing. An emotional connection instead of sexual. Class, what have we learned here tonight? Its good. Directed by paco caballero.”


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