A Christmas Family Reunion (TV Movie 2021)

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A Christmas Family Reunion (TV Movie 2021). A Christmas Family Reunion: Directed by Jake Helgren. With Michelle Argyris, Alonzo B. Slater, Asia’h Epperson, Vanessa Williams. When ambitious event designer Amy Kessler is hired by famous pop singer Tiffanie Christmas to put together her large family’s fabulous ten year family reunion, she unexpectedly begins to fall for Tiffanie’s cousin Calvin, who decides to team up with her to help put on the best family reunion ever.

“Ponderous and dull, with zero chemistry, everyone seems to be trying too hard to generate energy. Sad to say, the script is so feeble that this is like trying to pour water up hill. Itu0026#39;s all formula – a bad one. The extra stars in my rating express pity for the actors trapped in this mistake.”


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