Seumool (2015)

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Seumool: Directed by Byeong-heon Lee. With Woo-bin Kim, Jun-Ho Lee, Kang Ha-Neul, Jung So-Min. A story about three friends, Chiho, Dongwoo, and Gyungjae. Each of them has just turned 20 years old and they must decide what to do with their life.

“Even though I found most of the film funny and heartwarming, I must confess to finding some of the humor quite dated and cliched as well. Much of the joy of the film does come from the charismatic leading men, and this is a nice addition to their filmographies. Twenty is overall a decent addition to the coming-of-age genre and features aspects where other films can learn from: exploring the realistic aspects of pursuing careers, pursuing oneu0026#39;s dreams and how these may not intersect.”


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