Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas (TV Movie 2021)

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Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas (TV Movie 2021). Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas: Directed by Peter Benson. With Brendan Penny, Peter Benson, Dalias Blake, Tanya Champoux. During the holidays, a woman with amnesia catches a ride with her handsome nurse to investigate the only clue to her identity.

“I cannot believe the same network that shows Spongebob, Dora, reruns of Andy Griffith and Bill Cosby would show something like this garbage. It isnu0026#39;t funny, and it isnu0026#39;t appropriate at the time slot it is scheduled to be shown at. Have mercy and put this show out of his misery before it drags Kik down any lower. I watched because I believed the hype that it was going to be one hilarious, belly laugh. The only thing my belly did was turn,followed by my hand turning channels. Come on Nik, if I want to watch garbage I would head to the local dump and watch it being ground up, which is what you should do to this sorry excuse of a time slot filler. Nik you you are above this junk!”


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