A Castle for Christmas (2021)

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A Castle for Christmas (2021). A Castle for Christmas: Directed by Mary Lambert. With Brooke Shields, Cary Elwes, Lee Ross, Andi Osho. To escape a scandal, a bestselling author journeys to Scotland, where she falls in love with a castle – and faces off with the grumpy duke who owns it.

“Much better than most of Hallmark Movies for Christmas these days. Story is obviously predictable. But they do move it along. No long story chapter on do I or do I not buy the castle. Itu0026#39;s just done. We love Scotland so it was fun to listen and give it the old u0026quot;we were thereu0026quot; a few times. Cast is pleasant. Brooke Shields is still beautiful. Gary Elwes has aged well. Given it was shot while covid restrictions were full on they did pretty well.”


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