Range Roads (2021)

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Range Roads (2021). Range Roads: Directed by Kyle Thomas. With Alana Hawley Purvis, Joe Perry, Nicole de Boer, Chad Brownlee.

“Excellent acting throughout the entire film—especially from Ruth Vega Fernandez. Her ability to completely become her character is so believable, you forget entirely that youu0026#39;re simply watching a movie with a a fictional character. Her mannerisms and facial expressions are equally as powerful as her dialogue parts. A very underrated actress, indeed! The plot was very developed and had a good amount of depth to it. I would have personally liked to see a bit more of a build up when the two girls first kissed…their glances with each other felt like they needed to be extended or more built up maybe. But other than that, the plot flowed very organically. Excellent film!”


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