A Picture Perfect Holiday (TV Movie 2021)

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A Picture Perfect Holiday (TV Movie 2021). A Picture Perfect Holiday: Directed by J.E. Logan. With Tatyana Ali, Henderson Wade, Dina Meyer, Paula Andrea Placido. Gaby Jones, fashion photographer, takes a holiday retreat against her desire by advise of her friend. She will then find that there’s more behind a photo when she meets wildlife photographer Sean.

“Someone has killed three Atlanta doormen (so much for the u0026quot;city that never sleepsu0026quot;) over the period of a few days. Night doorman Terry Reilly (Bradley Whitford) was a witness to the first murder and now the killer might be after him. Of course, this fits in perfectly to Terryu0026#39;s world as he is a part-time writer of mystery stories and he teams up with Linda Regan (Sharon Sharth), niece of one of the victims, to try to solve this case. I believe the real title of this should be DUMB AS DIRT. Movies like this are so curious to me. You have a lead character who is such a fan of mysteries (with the obligatory Bogart movie posters on his wall), yet the filmmakers plan the dumbest mystery one can imagine. Seriously, who reads a script like this and is like, u0026quot;Yes, I will give you money to make this.u0026quot; Well, at least I got to see Bradley Whitfordu0026#39;s movie debut. The film is short (73 minutes) and pads out its 84 minute run time with a hilarious end credit sequence that shows them re-playing bits from the film for every character with the actors name on screen. Iu0026#39;m talking EVVVVERY character from the leads to the short order cook who has one word of dialog to the lady who walks past the camera with a dog in one shot.”


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