Girl in Golden Gate Park (2021)

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Girl in Golden Gate Park (2021). Girl in Golden Gate Park: Directed by J.P. Allen. With Kim Jiang Dubaniewicz, Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, Allison Ewing, Elysia Oliquiano. Evicted from her San Francisco apartment and stranded in her car near Golden Gate Park, a woman makes a secret plan to defend her right to stay in the city she loves.

“Compelling from the first shot to the last. Love the slow pacing, the meditative cuts from gorgeous shot to gorgeous shot. A tribute to underdogs, to Golden Gate Park, and quirky protagonists you fall in love with. Artistic and a lovely change of tone/style from u0026quot;mainstreamu0026quot; cinema. Authentic and raw in the sparse writing and especially the two femaale leads.”


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