The Most Reluctant Convert (TV Movie 2021)

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The Most Reluctant Convert (TV Movie 2021). The Most Reluctant Convert: Directed by Norman Stone. With Max McLean, Nicholas Ralph, Eddie Ray Martin, Richard Harrington. Spanning C.S. Lewis’ bitter childhood, WWI and his life-changing friendships at Oxford, The Most Reluctant Convert depicts the events that shaped Lewis’ early life and journey from hard-boiled atheism to prolific Christianity.

“One of the fallacies that Christians use the most is Appeal to Authority. u0026quot;Look! C. S. Lewis was a Christian!u0026quot; Dear Christians, this does not prove that A) God exists; B) Christianity is the true religion. C. S. Lewis could be wrong (and probably were). There are millions of things in the Universe and on Earth that point to the non-existence of God, or that she does not give a damn about Humanity. You believe in God only because you are afraid of death and insist in not accepting that life has an end. Period. Please, grow up and accept reality. There are no reasons to believe in invisible beings and places. May Nhanderuvuçu (the Tupi-Guarani god) have mercy on your souls.”


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